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Any one else excited??

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Any one else excited??

Postby Ukeath » Fri 06.06.2008 10:48 pm

I'm so excited for the new metal gear :D Ive been playing the other ones this past week to refresh my self on the series.
If your a fan, what one is your favorite?
I like number 2 alot
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Re: Any one else excited??

Postby Ping_Hellsing » Fri 06.13.2008 7:10 am

Snake Eater が一番好きでした。僕も Sons of the Patriots をやりたいのですが Xbox360 しかもっていません。たった一本のゲームでPS3を買うのはどうかなとおもうので Xbox360版が出るまで待つことにします...それは Xbox360版が本当に出るかの話ですが。
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Re: Any one else excited??

Postby hellfirebg » Sat 06.14.2008 7:45 am

「Metal Gear Solid 4」を買うつもりなんですが、そのまえに「Metal Gear Solid 1,2,3」 もう一度やりたいです。ゲームの経緯をちょっと忘れたので、思い出します。「Metal Gear Solid 4」と言うゲームをやるために「プレイステーション3」を買いましたから、ぜひわくわくです。
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Re: Any one else excited??

Postby Ukeath » Sat 06.14.2008 11:11 pm

Now I need to study so I can read what you guys wrote :?
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Re: Any one else excited??

Postby 8werner8 » Tue 05.05.2009 1:26 am

The screenshots certainly look great.. we have come a long way since wolfenstein and doom, eh?
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Re: Any one else excited??

Postby Sairana » Tue 05.05.2009 4:03 am

You realize this thread is nearly a year old, and no longer about a soon-to-be-released game, yes?
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Re: Any one else excited??

Postby elemental10 » Thu 05.20.2010 4:45 am

well, anyone's excited about the new MHP3 thats about to come out?
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Re: Any one else excited??

Postby Jerrid » Sat 10.02.2010 2:40 am

Well, before this thread gets locked I might as well put my two cents in. I actually still like the first one the best, with the third my second favorite. I have not gotten to play the one on PS3 so I can not comment on that one. However, the reason why I liked the original one (As in the first to be 3D to my knowledge and on PS1.) was that it was a one of a kind for it's time. No other system to my knowledge had a game of that caliber, where every thing came together flawlessly. I mean sure there were other games, but nothing just quite like it.

I still remember when I played it (Several times.) on the Playstation Monthly demo disk and it was the first game my dad did not fall asleep to. The orchestrated music and the graphics which back in the day were the best for the amount of stuff going on and were so good in fact that you did not even need CGI cut scenes so it kept you in the game better. The story, the weapons, the crazy boss characters... before they became too crazy (Like in Mega Man series.) and every thing else just came together into a great game. Although the game was not 1st person, I loved the fact that you could look around and see things from that perspective and it really helped compared to other games that have the same mechanic.

Hitting the wall with your knuckles to grab the guards attention or having to run because a curious guard had noticed your foot prints in the snow. And because you ran, a security camera saw you and they chased you down. And nothing more satisfying than sneaking up to an unsuspecting soldier, grab him around the neck and choke him a few times to knock him out and then drag him a few feet for him to struggle some more and you do it again until you are out of sight and then snap his neck. Or to launch him with a throw over a railing.

And being able to play through the game and again and again and have unlimited weapons and ammo among other things was also a real treat... and nothing like being a bad ass and smoking a cigarette to see the infrared trip wires!

Part two was ok, but it was weird and I did not really get it on some points of the story. Part three however, now that was also good with great story and visuals and a lot more things to do... plus you can see how the characters came to being for part one, since part three was actually a prequel, where as part two was a sequal... of sorts...

In fact the only other game to my knowledge like that was Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. That was a great game too, not as polished... but if you like Ninjas and ancient Japan... nothing better! On the PS1 anyway...
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