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Postby micahcowan » Mon 10.11.2010 11:38 pm

The source is a Slashdot Japan article: 75ドル払っていなかったために消防に無視され、家が全焼

In this post, there are four instances of a pattern (plain past-or-present form)+とのこと. I'm not familiar with this, though I'm guessing the explanation is extremely simple. Is it just a style with the quoting particle + の こと, maybe short for ということ or meaning といわれている?

Thank you for your help!
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Re: -とのこと

Postby NileCat » Tue 10.12.2010 2:51 am

とのこと indicates "hearsay information".

NASA says it asked for them back in the 1970s, but now does not know where they are.

Unconfirmed reports say 30 people were killed in the air strike.

According to the Justice Department, -% of all burglar alarm calls nationwide are false.
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