Hey! :)

New members may introduce themselves in this forum
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Hey! :)

Post by pomka » Wed 10.20.2010 3:35 am

I'm Brandi ~ 21 years old, a girl, and from California, USA !
My dream goal in life is to visit Japan~ <3
And hopefully it will happen between November-December 2011 !
I am currently saving up to enroll in a small Japanese school in Fukuoka for 3 months~
I decided to join this forum to soak up all the Japanese knowledge that I possibly can. ;D
Also to make friends, learn new things... basically I'm preparing myself for this trip !
I'm rather friendly and pretty geeky.
I do hope I get along with a few of you~ :3
See ya around !
^o^ ~!! <33


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Re: Hey! :)

Post by phreadom » Wed 10.20.2010 4:28 am

TJPへようこそブランディさん!「Welcome to TJP Brandi-san!」 :wave:

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