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Favourite Japanese Music?

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RE: Favourite Japanese Music?

Postby jiro » Wed 03.09.2005 10:18 pm

i like The Pillows, Utada Hikaru, Dream, and a whole bunch of others... most of the japanese music i hear is from anime, so that is how i got into it, but i've also heard some japanese christian songs that were really cool too.
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RE: Favourite Japanese Music?

Postby Kodi » Fri 03.11.2005 6:13 pm

dreamingxashley wrote:
Kodi wrote:
run rabbit junk by yoko kanno is sweet. (oh hang on, thats english lyrics LOL!). The intro for ghost in the shell is quite nice. But I can't remember the proper name (nvr mind).

Inner Universe is the opening song for Ghost in the Shell: SAC, and Lithium Flower is the ending song. :) I used to have nearly the whole OST on my hard drive, but then media player deleted the folder some how... *rolls her eyes*


Whats my favourite music? Right now its the soundtrack for Kannaduki no Miko *fangirlish squeals* ^_^

I have all 26 episodes of stand alone complex on my Multimedia player. :)

I just found あいこ by listening on shoutcast.com :) I like it. Listened to some うただ ひかる and Mr Children. あゅみ はまさき too of course. :p

(woo hoo, character map works! lol)
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RE: Favourite Japanese Music?

Postby mewcurano » Sun 03.13.2005 1:17 pm

Nobou Uematsu...Enough said;)
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RE: Favourite Japanese Music?

Postby momotaro » Sun 03.13.2005 1:38 pm

I love The yamada bros.
Go to Japan a radio.com to listen to great anime and JPOP music.
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RE: Favourite Japanese Music?

Postby Bleed Me White » Mon 03.14.2005 2:32 pm

Dir En Grey & Miyavi are pretty good
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RE: Favourite Japanese Music?

Postby Opgots » Mon 03.14.2005 5:48 pm

TM Revolution is good for me. The Pillows as well. I see Yoko Kanno is popular as well. I agree. Kanno is awesome. See-Saw is good. Cool Joke, Asian Kung Fu Generation, and Im sure there are many more I forgot. Whoever did "Boku wa Koko ni Iru" from Kaleido Star must be good. B'z are pretty good based on the 1 song of theirs Ive heard. Overall, Im sure there are millions more Ive yet to find.

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RE: Favourite Japanese Music?

Postby Yuubokumin » Mon 03.14.2005 10:08 pm

I don't know too many but I like Otsuka Ai the best I guess... I don't listen to anime music because anime isn't why I learn Japanese.
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RE: Favourite Japanese Music?

Postby white_lily » Tue 03.15.2005 1:00 am

i listen like to listen to anime soundtrack the best ive ever heard so far is ruroni kenshin soundtrack and of course inu yasha and recently im listening to super gals soundtrack.
ive been wondering where can i find those song lyrics with its kanji writing.
thanks ya'll
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RE: yo!

Postby lovewitches » Tue 03.15.2005 3:29 am

i like anything that is possible to listen too... andi dont wanna say all teh names.. (their is too many;)) but a few soundtrack from animes between 1990 - 2004 are my favourites *i feel very specific*
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RE: Favourite Japanese Music?

Postby Aki » Wed 03.16.2005 8:22 pm

anything from Utada Hikaru, Sakamoto Maaya & BOA!!!
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RE: What a shame

Postby Matsumoto_hideto » Thu 03.17.2005 9:58 pm

Its a shame that none of u listen toX JAPAN

They are hands down The most famous let alone best sounding group to emerge not only out of Japan but Asia. These Guys started the Japanese Metal Scene and were one of the founders of Visual Shock (Visual Kei)

Also you guys shouldnt get caught up with Anime music (which is mostly generic) Try listening to Traditional Taiko and enjoy the true arts of japanese culture!!!
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RE: Favourite Japanese Music?

Postby Schattenjedi » Fri 03.18.2005 9:49 am

Yuubokumin wrote:
I don't know too many but I like Otsuka Ai the best I guess... I don't listen to anime music because anime isn't why I learn Japanese.

Just because anime music isn't your reason for learning Japanese, doesn't mean you can't enjoy it.

RE: Favourite Japanese Music?

Postby Ady001 » Tue 03.22.2005 11:41 am

New here! konnichi wa!

I collect Japanese music a lot, and most of my collections are Dir en grey and Jrock sorts of stuff. I recently downloaded Dir en grey's Withering to death.

What seprates Jmusic from western pop is its quirkiness. it's quite original...

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RE: Favourite Japanese Music?

Postby ben » Tue 03.22.2005 12:18 pm

I watch all the Japanese Music Videos on OnDemand for Comcast Digital Cable (if any of you have OnDemand: go to 'the CuttingEdge', 'the anime Network' and then 'Bento Beat Box' ) But i watch Asian Kungfu Generation and i love their music and some other band called like something "L'Ciel" (i donno, the name sounds French but they are cool). I like all anime music, pretty much...

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RE: Favourite Japanese Music?

Postby dreamingxashley » Wed 03.23.2005 12:23 pm

Well I was looking for pics of this Korean actress Han Chae Young, and I found this k-pop girl Lee Hyo Ri, and was wondering if anyone had heard anything by her?
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