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Re: Konichiwa/Konbanwa

Post by Hyperworm » Fri 10.29.2010 10:28 am

「typo」とは「typographical error (/typing mistake)」(入力ミス)です。
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Re: Konichiwa/Konbanwa

Post by ss » Fri 10.29.2010 9:11 pm

こちらこそ よろしくお願いいたします。

I'm not good at English. I always make some mistakes. I'm sorry.
I study English with coworkers. Our teachers are native English speakers.
Therefore if I have some questions, I can ask them casually.
But, I still want to do actual practice in English. Because, I need to explain
my costumers of something I know.
TJP is a chereful place for me. Thank you.
Thank you very much for your introduction, Setaceau san. It's our pleasure to have you here. Indeed, members here are usually friendly and bubbly.

It seems like you have already corrected the typos, brava!

Your post is comprehensible, just that I see some spelling mistakes keep repeating, I hope you don't mind I point them out.

Do enjoy your stay in TJP, don't feel like a stranger, we are all here for learning, and of course to help each other.


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