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anyone want to help a newbie?

Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese

anyone want to help a newbie?

Postby Rileyk90 » Wed 08.25.2010 11:24 pm

I am a TOTAL beginner to the japanese language but I know from experience that the best way to learn a language is to use it as often as possible. I know absolutely no kanji and have only been using kana. I can understand basic grammar somewhat and I would like to start using it as soon as possible so if anyone wants to i'm really just looking for some basic conversation to help me practice what i do know and expand upon it.
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Re: anyone want to help a newbie?

Postby becki_kanou » Thu 08.26.2010 9:13 am

Why not check out the chat?
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Re: anyone want to help a newbie?

Postby Mikami Teru » Thu 09.16.2010 9:31 pm

Hi, I can help you to practice japanese if you want :D
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Re: anyone want to help a newbie?

Postby リリー » Sun 10.31.2010 8:03 pm

I'm the same as you. I finished level 2 of Japanese but there is none I can practice with so I forgot it all... :(
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Re: anyone want to help a newbie?

Postby JapanCrazy » Sun 10.31.2010 9:09 pm

I'll help you. :) I'm looking for help too. :D
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