Help with My Electronic Dictionary

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Help with My Electronic Dictionary

Post by kissableprincess » Fri 11.05.2010 2:39 am

Hello. I really have a problem with my electronic dictionary. My dad is a Japanese and he bought me a Casio Ex-Word Dataplus 5 XD-A6600 in Japan. But the problem is that I can't read Japanese characters, so it's useless to me. I think we might have had a little misunderstanding there. Is there anyway that it can be converted into English and the Japanese texts to Romaji? Help please! :cry:

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Re: Help with My Electronic Dictionary

Post by chikara » Fri 11.05.2010 3:08 am

TJP e youkoso :)

I doubt it has a facility to display in romaji but I am not familiar with that particular electronic dictionary. My experience of similar electronic dictionaries, I currently have a Canon Wordtank, is that they are not aimed at people who can't read the language.
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