Stuck with particle で and に

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Re: Stuck with particle で and に

Post by chikara » Wed 11.10.2010 6:32 pm

micahcowan wrote:..... I would expect to hear "I've got tickets to the Yankees" much, much more frequently than "I've got tickets for the Yankees [game]". I think the difference might be that it could be a shorthand for "tickets to [see] the movie/game", or something, but honestly I don't know. ......
That is how I interpret it, "tickets to [see] the movie/game" and "tickets for [entry to] the movie/game".

As a matter of interest I Googled "tickets to" and "tickets for" and received 14.1M hits and 13.8M hits respectively.

Akhademik-san, sorry if we seem to have hijacked your thread. :blush:
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Re: Stuck with particle で and に

Post by Akhademik » Thu 11.11.2010 7:52 am

nah, nothing at all i would love to learn some tips for you guys too, i need to improve my English skill though 8)

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