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Hello :)

Post by zsylvia1593 » Sun 11.14.2010 12:56 pm

Hello all. My name is Zack and I've been wanting to learn Japanese for a few years now. I have tried to teach myself but that is extremely hard to learn a language all by yourself. There are almost no classes around where I live so it's tough to find help. But I still try and I hope to find a school in the near future where I can study Japanese. :)

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Re: Hello :)

Post by chikara » Sun 11.14.2010 7:18 pm

TJP e youkoso :)

Welcome to TJP.

Even if you are learning Japanese by self study I would recommend that you use a text book. Although I have not used it myself the Genki series is well recommended by many on this forum.

You may find this page in the wiki of use.

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