Does anyone read the Hiragana Times?

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Does anyone read the Hiragana Times?

Post by funk_e » Thu 11.18.2010 12:02 am

Hi All,

I came across a recommendation to read the Hiragana Times in my travels (somewhere) as good practise for your Japanese.

Does anyone here read this magazine and can you offer any advice on it for a beginner? Should I know a fair bit of Japanese before I attempt to read this magazine? I was thinking of importing it but did not want to jump in over my head.

I am only asking as I am trying to subject myself to as much Japanese as possible while I learn and was thinking of trying to find it somewhere.

If you do not know what publication I am talking about, it is here:
It seems to be a magazine that provides articles on Japan written in both english and Japanese. Primarily aimed at learners of the language.

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Re: Does anyone read the Hiragana Times?

Post by phreadom » Thu 11.18.2010 8:37 am

I have several issues here and think it's just fine for a beginner. You can at least read the articles in English, which give a lot of information about Japanese culture etc, while you work on improving your Japanese enough to start understanding the Japanese directly. Even someone who only knows the hiragana should be able to read along and sound out the words at the very least etc. :) So it's really fine for beginners.

I'll include some photos from a March 2007 issue I have here. (I temporarily traded some of my old Mangajin back-issues with my friend Scott for a stack of his Hiragana Times issues) :)

As you'll see, they include all kinds of topics, English and Japanese right together for everything, and the Japanese all has furigana so that you can know how to pronounce the kanji you don't yet know etc. Very nice. :) Some of the pages are in full glossy color, and the rest are a nice quality greyscale. I'm not sure if this is still the exact format, but it's what I have. (There are also advertisements at the bottom of each page for learning products, and services in Japan like job placement companies, hotels, ryokan, etc. If nothing else, they can be fun to look at and try to read, as many of them are in Japanese or English/Japanese.)

There are a few different versions available... just the plain magazine, the magazine with audio, and a digital copy plus audio. ... rip-E.html
You can click on the Sample link for the Digital Version and flip to page 17 to test the audio. This should give you a good idea what the magazine is like. :) (I suppose I should have looked for this before taking my pictures... oh well! :sweatdrop: ) ... nth-E.html has the contents for this month's issue. :)

Sorry for the quality of the photos... I don't have a tripod and it's hard to get a nice clear shot with a hand held camera. ;) Hopefully this all helps answer your question! :bow:
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Re: Does anyone read the Hiragana Times?

Post by funk_e » Thu 11.18.2010 8:23 pm

Thank you very much for this!

I managed to find the October and November issues yesterday and they should arrive today.

I will let you know how I go with them. I can currently recognise around 50% of the Hiragana... not bad going for a few days of study and testing! Not that I know many words yet... I hope reading this will only help :-)

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