Girls' lingo

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Girls' lingo

Post by NileCat » Mon 11.29.2010 7:30 pm

Don’t ask me the meaning. I have no idea. :shock:


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Re: Girls' lingo

Post by chikara » Mon 11.29.2010 10:25 pm

I can see myself using ポイポイポイポイポポイポイポピー all the time except my ケータイ doesn't support Japanese text. :mrgreen:
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Re: Girls' lingo

Post by phreadom » Mon 11.29.2010 10:57 pm

I could make (obvious) guesses at a few... like "maximum" and "ii ne" etc.. but the others I'd be so completely winging it that I'd be embarrassed to even try. ;)

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Re: Girls' lingo

Post by Joey 鷹 Vega » Tue 11.30.2010 1:01 am

correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't どゆこと!? mean "What do you mean?" and 気にすんな means "Don't worry about it." For the rest, uuhh...... still learning :P
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Re: Girls' lingo

Post by Hyperworm » Tue 11.30.2010 1:29 am

なう ("now") is a recent invention, in usage on Twitter.
It comes at end-of-sentence and can work like (temporal) ところ or 中(ちゅう), but it's more lenient in what it attaches to.


なうい ("now-i") is a bit older, and is an i-adjective meaning "in fashion".

Seems to be some info on ちょっちゅね here...
Similarly うけぴー ...
どうかしてるぜっ (the same as どうかしている, "[you're] freaking nuts" / "[it's] gone crazy")
ありえんてぃ (from ありえない, "not possible")

Probably it's not too hard to find info on the others either...
Personally, though, I'm not interested enough to read about most of these, 'cause I've never seen them used anyway :lol:
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Re: Girls' lingo

Post by john2 » Fri 08.31.2012 12:20 am

Fascinating(or I am so starved of vaguely interesting things that simply seeing Japanese characters is fascinating), never I seam to have forgotten my Japanese. Anyway I honestly want to do it kind of secretly, not that I feel ashamed but people discourage me from doing things that are fun.
I know that, あたし used for feminine and 僕(ボク) masculine, and one should never use おれ.
Other than that... Sorry for not contributing more im just wanting to be redirected to the thread where you get people to guess what your question is, and people just answer the question they want to answer... Untill they get the answer right.

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