Kanji Animated Stroke Order Quiz

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Kanji Animated Stroke Order Quiz

Post by bfr » Thu 12.09.2010 6:12 pm

I'm looking for a Kanji quiz that shows an animation of the Kanji being drawn and then asks the user to select the correct answer - something like Learn, practice and repeat japanese Kanji with KanjiRepeater except for that an animation showing the Kanji being drawn is shown instead of a still Kanji. I've looked through the resource threads here, but I haven't found anything like this so far.

Does anybody know of any software/a website that does this? Thanks

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Re: Kanji Animated Stroke Order Quiz

Post by Dustin » Thu 12.09.2010 6:29 pm

http://www.yamasa.cc/members/ocjs/kanji ... 3?OpenForm

Just paste or write the kanji, and it will show you stroke order animation! :D

Google-fu! :ninja:

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