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What anime?

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RE: What anime?

Postby Kodi » Fri 03.11.2005 7:26 pm

If any... Ghost in the Shell. Though it was realy just the opportunity when there was a club which was started by a teacher who used to live in japan. I had thought about learning cantonese first actualy.

RE: What anime?

Postby Gaigen Grant » Sun 03.13.2005 4:00 am

Well, A few. My first anime ever was Ronin Warriors when I was quite young. Since then, Trigun, Bebop, and FLCL. FLCL is great because I seem to be the only person I know who gets the plot. There was a fair recently near my house so I went, and was suprised to find a booth that sold both the Pillows Addict and the DVD for FLCL. I would have got it, but there was this 4 cm wide hole in the cardboard on the dvd, so I only got the cd. How I love the Pillows now. Especially One Life. It's beautiful. - Grant. (Wow, I got really side tracked on that post, didn't I? :p)
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RE: What anime?

Postby Ray » Sun 03.13.2005 6:33 am

hmmm it wasn't an anime, who inspired me to learn japanese. But my favorite anime(s) are Detectiv Conan, One Piece, E.V.A., Love Hina and Hikaru no Go...learning japanese also invited me to play Go and train kendô, for now over a year.
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RE: What anime?

Postby caseclosed » Mon 03.14.2005 9:16 pm

eather case closed(called detective conan in japan) or flcl (i still havent learned very well though)
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RE: What anime?

Postby dreamingxashley » Mon 03.14.2005 9:52 pm

Im a language nerd, so its only logical that Japanese would get my attention to be learned at somepoint, though I think anime and manga helped out somewhat. :)
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RE: What anime?

Postby Weiss-Engel » Wed 03.16.2005 1:16 am

If anything in anime got me wanting to learn Japanese, it was the opening and closing songs in Ranma 1/2. Mostly, though, my interest was a mix of watching the live action Sailor Moon fansubs from TV Nihon and the fact that my husband is requesting a base in Japan at which he would like to be stationed when he gets assigned one in the Air Force early next year. I figured it may be a good thing to know at least a LITTLE of the language BEFORE going over. :P
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RE: What anime?

Postby Azn_Gangstet » Sun 10.09.2005 11:28 pm

um...that would be Inuyasha i guess....it was the first anime ive EVER liked in like 2 years!!! after sailormoon stopped airing....>.< or it was because i wanted to learn another language without any inspiration
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