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Postby SweetPolaris » Mon 12.19.2005 4:51 pm

Hi! I'm Polaris. I just discovered this site and seeing all the great things in it made me want to register. I'm a beginner in japanese (I know kana, some kanji and some vocabulary but my grammar is still a little poor) and with the help of this site and your help I think I'll learn a lot. Nice meeting you all ^__^
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RE: Hi!

Postby SaigoNoBan » Tue 12.20.2005 9:19 am


I'm new here too and I've found much learning material and, what's more, many very kind people to help me study (thank you Reimi;))

[small]いっしょに にほんごを べんきょう しましょう[/small]
一緒に   日本語 を  勉強   しましょう!! :D
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