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Post by janshi » Wed 01.26.2011 10:04 am

I'm having trouble understanding this word. It's in the context of a brochure about Jamaican coffee. the sentence i'm on says ハイマウンテンの豆 ほとんどが種の原種tipika. The only reference I could get was off an advert for colombian coffee but i still feel pretty lost.

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Re: Tipika

Post by kt_anthrax » Wed 01.26.2011 12:21 pm

Tipika is officially represented as C. arabica 'Typica'
One variety of coffee tree. I guess

> to chikara san
thnaks for uploading more precise informations about "Typica"
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Re: Tipika

Post by chikara » Wed 01.26.2011 7:14 pm

TJPへようこそ  :)
janshi wrote:... the sentence i'm on says ハイマウンテンの豆 ほとんどが種の原種tipika. ....
Strange that it is writen in roman characters as "tipika" in that sentence when "high mountain" is written in katakana. If it is written in roman characters I would expect it to be written correctly and not as a romanisation of the katakana.

kt_anthrax-san is correct,"typica" ( ティピカ) is a variety of arabica coffee plant, C. arabica 'Typica'.

List of coffee varieties
The variety we call Typica is basically the same variety of coffee the Dutch gave to King Louis the <check> back in the 17th century <check>. Although, since then it has mutated slightly to reflect its surroundings i.e. Mexican Typica is genetically slightly different to Kona (Hawaiian Typica), and they take different names to reflect this: Criollo (South America), Arabigo (Americas), Kona (Hawaii), Pluma Hidalgo (Mexico), Garundang (Sumatra), San Bernado & San Ramon (Brazil), Kents & Chickumalgu (India)
ティピカ (C. arabica 'Typica')
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