Working Holiday: Insurance

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Working Holiday: Insurance

Post by ryuubu » Sun 02.20.2011 10:54 pm

Hi there guys,

I'm off to Japan in a week soon on a working holiday (from New Zealand). I tried to find out a few things about what kind of insurance I should get, but am getting conflicting information...

Some say that I can get insurance once I'm in Japan, others say to organize it in my home country.

Does anyone have personal experience with this, or any suggestions?

I am not prone to sickness or accidents, but I realise it is a very good idea to plan for the worst.

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Working Holiday: Insurance

Post by chikara » Mon 02.21.2011 12:34 am

I don't know if insurance companies in NZ distinguish between working holidays and non-working holidays but my advice would be to organise travel insurance in NZ before you leave. I have had similar travel insurance for both holidays and business trips to Japan.

Travel insurance usually excludes certain high risk activities so if you are going to work as say a white pointer wrangler that would most likely be excluded. :)
ryuubu wrote:... I am not prone to sickness or accidents .....
I'm not prone to accidents either but that didn't prevent me from being run over by a motorcycle that ran a red light in Hiroshima.
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Re: Working Holiday: Insurance

Post by ss » Mon 02.21.2011 6:28 am

Does your company offer this or it's your vacation leave?

I think first-aid and medical care are the most important thing you have to prepare before leaving for a trip. For group vacation, my company usually book (and request flight confirmation) to-and-fro ticket, we have our own company insurance agent and our bosses don't mind paying some extra amount for a policy which includes medical expenses. Yeah, I agree with Chikara, it's better to check with your local insurance company what's the best coverage.

(Sorry, I mistaken that as a company business trip. )

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Re: Working Holiday: Insurance

Post by spin13 » Wed 02.23.2011 9:51 pm

Not being from a country eligible for working holiday visas in Japan, I don't know the details but I believe anybody with an Alien Registration Card can sign up for the National Health Insurance (国民健康保険, 国保 for short). Once you've established residence, swing by your local ward/city office and they'll just have you fill out some paperwork. Your first year should only cost you around ¥3,000 a month. It's the second year that gets you...

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