Japanese Students Missing in NZ Earthquake

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Japanese Students Missing in NZ Earthquake

Post by chikara » Wed 02.23.2011 10:46 pm

In his blog entry The most dangerous place in world kt_antrhrax-san described Japan as the most dangerous place in world because of the large number of earthquakes it experiences. New Zealand is another island nation that is also on the Pacific Ring of Fire and is often referred to as the "Shaky Isles" in this country.

Sadly 24 Japanese nationals, mostly language students, are missing in the Christchurch earthquake.

Japan has sent a rescue team to help.

My thoughts are with all those people affected by this tragedy.
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Re: Japanese Students Missing in NZ Earthquake

Post by ss » Thu 02.24.2011 2:26 am

Our Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister C H Teo has also conveyed Singapore's condolences to New Zealand.

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Re: Japanese Students Missing in NZ Earthquake

Post by tōkai devotee » Thu 02.24.2011 6:05 am

This really hits home to me, being an ESL teacher to Japanese students. My thoughts are with them right now. I really feel for those students. Their families back home in Japan must be filled with grief and worry.
I heard that they did find some of them alive, although one had to have their legs amputated in order for the rescuers to get them out of the rubble. Even so, I am sure they are happy to be alive.

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