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はじめまして! ^^

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はじめまして! ^^

Postby inayana » Sun 03.06.2011 9:05 pm

こんにちは!アンナ と申します。 今、六月のJLPTに自分で勉強します。 このウェブサイトを見つけたから、とても嬉しいです。

So... my name is Anna, and I wonder how many mistakes I've done in the previous sentence ; ). I'm Polish, this year I've started studying linguistics. I've been a very enthousiastic Japanese self-student for a while already, and currently I've set my sights on passing the JLPT (N3) in July (which is obviously quite a challenge for me). So, hello everyone, and brace yourself for the flood of my questions :roll:
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Re: はじめまして! ^^

Postby chikara » Sun 03.06.2011 9:16 pm

アンナさん、TJPへようこそ  :wave:

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Re: はじめまして! ^^

Postby Dustin » Sun 03.06.2011 9:27 pm



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Re: はじめまして! ^^

Postby ss » Mon 03.07.2011 7:24 am

Hello Anna, welcome to TJP.
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Re: はじめまして! ^^

Postby ダラゴスちゃん » Mon 03.07.2011 9:47 am

Planning on being trilingual. That's pretty cool. Good luck and welcome to TJP.
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