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Anyone want to learn together?

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Anyone want to learn together?

Postby Astral Abraxas » Fri 07.04.2008 8:19 pm


I would like to learn with someone who has the same textbooks as me and has a significant amount of free-time like me. I have both Genki books and cd's etc. I'm about 2/5 through the first book maybe a bit more.

I have no problem helping anyone or catching up to anyone. I just want someone to practice with that has the same texts.
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Astral Abraxas
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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Postby HarajukuxBoy » Thu 07.17.2008 10:20 am

I would be glad to. But I'm only on lesson 4 =/...
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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Postby Gaddo » Sat 07.26.2008 4:47 pm

Late, but, I'd be willing. Just PM me on forum and i'll give you my info.
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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Postby brainded » Sun 01.25.2009 7:43 pm

I'd be happy to. I've gone through chapter 8 and am going back to 1 to work on my kanji. if you have msn or aim, om me. IM is much easier

BTW: Gaddo, is that Miyavi? I love Miyavi.
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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Postby clay » Sun 01.25.2009 8:06 pm

You may want to checkout the chat on this site (see front page for a link to how to chat). There is a room specifically for Genki learners.
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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Postby MarieKawaii » Mon 02.09.2009 5:48 pm

i have just started with genki :/
But i want a study partner so if someone that have just started and want a study partner pm me! ^^
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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Postby Mattias » Tue 03.10.2009 4:38 am

I'll join up, I'm at lesson 11 right now, but I'd love to review all the lessons.

There is the chat room here with the genki room that is easy to gain access to.
I'm also on irc. server: irc.freenode.net channel: #japanese and #nihongo
My name there is Mattias too, it'll always be me there since I've registered it there and nobody can take my nickname ^.^

I have Genki 1 & 2 and the next book after that, the intermediate japanese book.

Last thing, I'm in GMT+1 timezone. ^.^

Edit: I'm currently at Lesson 16, still looking for someone to practice grammar with ^.^
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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Postby Disco » Sat 03.28.2009 6:43 pm

I'm on Chapter 9 of Genki I, if anybody wishes to discuss Japanese from Genki with me, my AIM is TensaZangetsu72. I am self-taught, and I am probably riddled with errors (i.e. I said "ii shigoto" the other day to someone, to which they pointed out that what I was saying "good occupation", and corrected me with " yoku dekimasu" :?
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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Postby p-chan » Mon 02.15.2010 11:34 pm

I'm interested.. :D

i'm still in chapter 6 but i've been studying on and off because i don't have anyone to practice w/ using genki.. :(
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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Postby ARUBAATO » Wed 06.23.2010 4:54 am

Hey there!

I'm also using Genki and I've finished all grammar of the 12 chapters. As learning vocabulary is always a bottleneck for me, I want to write as many letters/emails in Japanese as I can.

Anyone interested in frequently emailing in Japanese to practice our language skills?

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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Postby Zvono11 » Fri 03.18.2011 1:43 pm

That sounds like a great idea. I wish I could practice Japanese with somebody else, who is also beginner. So maybe we could help each other via MSN or ICQ.
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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Postby hiryuu_no_q » Wed 09.21.2011 8:17 pm

I"m down.
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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Postby QuakerBits » Tue 02.28.2012 3:44 pm

I actually just signed up wondering if there was anyone else studying Genki. I'm on Chapter 6 of Genki 1 atm. I too have a lot of time on my hands... a lot.... so I'd be down to study if you want to work on Genki. Would be kinda fun(:
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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Postby lynx975310 » Mon 03.05.2012 7:20 pm

I would love to have a study buddy! I am currently on chapter 6 but willing to review previous chapters... send me a PM if interested!
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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Postby suprea107 » Fri 03.09.2012 11:25 am

Hi! (^^)/
Im new to the site and im a beginner at learning Japanese I don't have any of the Genki books that you guys were talking about but I can get them! Anyone that's a beginner too want to be my study buddy? d(^^)b
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