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View topic - Hi everybody. はじめまして。

Hi everybody. はじめまして。

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Hi everybody. はじめまして。

Postby ruroken77 » Sat 03.19.2011 1:56 am

こんばんわ。私の名前はAubreyと私輪19歳ですが。 I hope I did that correctly. :pray: Anyway, as you can probably tell, I'm not that much a beginner to Japanese but I am new to TJP, so よろしくお願いします and all that jazz. This is probably not a shocker, but I love anime, manga, and video games, including, you guessed it, Pokemon. You're most likely wondering, "How can you be 19 and still like Pokemon?" Well, it's just that I've been watching it since I was about 6 years old, and it's a big part of my childhood. :mrgreen: Some of it's a bit questionable, but it's still enjoyable, even though Brock's no longer a primary character. Anyway, I hope some of us can be friends and がんばって日本 with the recovery efforts and all. :D
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Re: Hi everybody. はじめまして。

Postby Dustin » Sat 03.19.2011 2:18 am


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Re: Hi everybody. はじめまして。

Postby tōkai devotee » Sat 03.19.2011 4:49 am

Hi and welcome to TJP! :D

Just a little note about the wa in konban wa. It's written as は not わ but pronounced 'wa'. So you type 'konban ha' into IME. It's just one of those strange and wonderful things about the Japanese language that we learn to love!!
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