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Postby snmcrae » Sun 03.27.2011 5:41 pm

AKA "Dream-coloured Pastry Chef". I'm making my way through the 1st volume. A few translation problems have popped up and I was hoping someone here might be able to set me straight.

#1 今にして思えば   "If I think about it even now..." ?

#2 他人のフリしなさい   "Pretend to be someone else" OR "Pretend to be (mindful of) others" ? Leaning towards the former, but it seems an odd thing to say in context.

#3 家族もあきれる  ケーキ好き  作るのはまだヘタッピだけど   "Even my family is amazed by my love for cakes. Yet I'm still bad at making them." Can't quite figure out what ヘタッピ means, and whether 好き is a noun modified by both ケーキ and the phrase 家族もあきれる

#4 なんて楽しそうにケーキを作るの 歌うように 流れるように 愛おしむように   "In order to enjoyably make cakes, you should sing, flow (move smoothly) and cherish what you do" My issue here is that I thought the 〜ように construction meant "in order to ~" which would make it seem that you need to make cakes in order to sing, flow and love, as opposed to the other way around. I am very confused by this sentence, as you can probably tell.

#5 2つの味が響きあって 甘酸っぱい切なさを残して消えていく   "The 2 flavours echo each other, and leave a persistent sweet and sour, which then fades away." Pure guesswork! 

#6 誰かがヘマするとグループは連帯責任取らされるんだ   "If someone screws up, the group as whole must be made to take responsibility." This is going on the unverified assumption that 責任を取る means "to take responsibility for".

#7 天野 お前ここに入るまで10日はあったよな   "You didn't get here until the 10th." That's how I make sense of "Until you get here" + "it was the 10th". Not satisfying, though.

#8 あそこまで言わなくたっていーじゃない   Kanji would help here. Is たって supposed to be 立って? In which case "Standing there, not saying anything, would have been good, wouldn't it?" is the best I can do with it.

That's it for the 1st chapter.

Another unrelated question for anyone who might know: are there manga artists who have personal web sites or twitter feeds? I would love to get a peek behind the scenes on how a manga comes into being and gets to publication, especially the drawing process.

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Re: 夢色パテイシエール

Postby Hyperworm » Sun 03.27.2011 8:33 pm

#1 - Yep, or reworded, "Thinking (back) about it (now),"
#2 - More likely "Pretend you don't know him(/her/me/...)". [Pretend to be a stranger.]
#3 - ケーキ好(ず)き(な人 implied) would be "someone who likes cakes", then modified by 家族もあきれる. へたっぴ
#4 - ように here is "as if ~ing"
#5 - "resonate with each other" maybe...?
#6 - Seems good
#7 - Seems more likely to be "10 days" rather than "10th"... try reinterpreting in that context?
#8 - = あそこまで言わなくてもいいじゃない = そんな(に ひどい?)言い方しなくてもいいじゃない

I don't generally follow celebrities' online presences particularly, but I do happen to know http://azumakiyohiko.com/ (@azumakiyohiko) and @tite_kubo .
I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of other mangaka used twitter as well. Search their names or something ^^
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