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Drawing Manga

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RE: Drawing Manga

Postby kirama » Mon 11.14.2005 11:23 pm

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RE: Drawing Manga

Postby Hatori » Mon 11.14.2005 11:27 pm

i get too hooked on drawing in a Japanese style. i can't draw stupid and weirdly like i used to:P
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RE: Drawing Manga

Postby kasutenchan » Tue 12.20.2005 3:38 pm

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RE: Drawing Manga

Postby Mouse » Tue 12.20.2005 4:24 pm

I enjoy drawing manga too. However, I do not feel the need to limit myself to just manga. A lot of people I know suddenly LOVE anime and manga. It's just another trend that has everyone worked up. I know it will go just as quickly as it came, but it frustrates me sometimes. Most people I know that draw "manga" limit themselves and draw exactly like everyone else is. >.>;; I oftenly draw eyes that are much more realistic on my characters and it is because of that, that many people that I know scold me and attempt to tell me how to draw.

I dislike sites like Bakaneko that teach you how to draw, because it is in my opinion, only you that can teach yourself how to draw. I used to have people ask me to teach them how to draw, but they got angry when I turned them down and told them they had to learn. If you draw exactly like someone else then your drawing is striped of origanality. I beileve that you should do whatever you wish to your artwork, without following toturials and guidlines, because they only limit your imagination.

-shrugs- That's just my personal onion (opinion). ^____^
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RE: Drawing Manga

Postby ResidentEvil4 » Tue 12.20.2005 9:00 pm

I love to draw manga, its so fun. I love it.
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RE: Drawing Manga

Postby Yuka » Wed 12.21.2005 1:15 am

Join DeviantART, sure will be fun ^^
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RE: Drawing Manga

Postby kirama » Wed 12.21.2005 5:02 am

its anime !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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RE: Drawing Manga

Postby LustBaka » Thu 07.06.2006 3:55 pm

i love drawing manga, its so fun. Im almost about to start my first full manga.
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