Allow me to introduce myself 请让我介绍我自己

New members may introduce themselves in this forum
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Allow me to introduce myself 请让我介绍我自己

Post by lulanke » Mon 04.18.2011 4:58 am


My name is Roland (Lulanke), and I am from Holland オランダ
I have studied Arabic and Chinese (Manderin).
Now I want to try to start studying some Japanese. I am an absolute
beginner, although having studied Manderin might help a little.
Although I think Japanese as much harder to learn then eighter Chinese
or Arabic I would like to try, since I am very interested in the Japanese culture
and language .....


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Re: Allow me to introduce myself 请让我介绍我自己

Post by Adriano » Mon 04.18.2011 9:46 am

Hi Lulanke!
Welcome to TJP!
I hope you can get the best from this forum to help you with your japanese studies!
Language is the core of a culture, a nation.
Studying arabic may help you understand about there even deeper than an "arab world specialist" that grounds his point of view in english written books about historic facts and culture.
You're doing fantastic, learning all those languages.
btw, I'm a 逆流学生 in comparison with you, I think this topic might help you.


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Re: Allow me to introduce myself 请让我介绍我自己

Post by chikara » Mon 04.18.2011 8:11 pm

TJP e youkoso :wave:
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Re: Allow me to introduce myself 请让我介绍我自己

Post by Oceaneer » Mon 04.18.2011 10:08 pm

Hey chikara :D
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Re: Allow me to introduce myself 请让我介绍我自己

Post by 血まみれ剣術師 » Wed 04.20.2011 1:49 pm

Welcome to The Japanese Page!

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