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kanji help program?

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kanji help program?

Postby C0kaCoLa » Wed 12.21.2005 11:15 am

Is there any kanji program that teach me how to write the kanji?the stroke order of kanji?
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RE: kanji help program?

Postby CAPiTUL » Wed 12.21.2005 11:25 am

Get the book, Kanji & Kana. It is a solid book. It'll teach you that and then some. It is definitely a good bang for your buck, euro, pound, yuon, or rupee!
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RE: kanji help program?

Postby Zeo » Wed 12.21.2005 6:44 pm


If you search on the kanji there, you will find the stroke order:)

Go to the url > Press "Find kanji in the database" > Search for the kanji you want > Press the small button that says "SOD" >> And there there will be a image of the kanji showing you one and one stroke. :)

Hope that helped :)

- Zeo
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RE: kanji help program?

Postby C0kaCoLa » Thu 12.22.2005 10:44 am

I got no money to buy book..thats why im here..if not ill be attending classes..heh..poor guy here...Is there any program that can help to write kanji besides website?
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RE: kanji help program?

Postby Infidel » Thu 12.22.2005 8:28 pm

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