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Handwritten Kanji -ペン字?

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Handwritten Kanji -ペン字?

Postby Kailene » Tue 04.26.2011 8:00 pm

So I've been searching for an online gallery that has a collection of handwritten Kanji. There are certain Kanji that are tricky to write with a pencil/pen, and I would like to see some handwritten examples of the Kanji. However, I haven't been able to find such a collection anywhere! Any recommendations? Again, I'm not looking for calligraphy, but I'm looking for characters written in pen/pencil.



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Re: Handwritten Kanji -ペン字?

Postby Adriano » Tue 04.26.2011 9:41 pm

Hi Kaylene!
I'm fan of your Youtube vids :mrgreen:
You can find handwritten kanjis searching for 手書き(てがき).
You also can download cool handwritten fonts here:

and here

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