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Post by Aino » Wed 05.04.2011 4:01 am

Hello! I'm new; thus the intro. I hail from the USA and only speak English currently. My background in foreign languages extends to four years of Latin, which I adore. I want to learn Japanese in part because I love language in general, in part because I'd like to watch anime in their original language, and in part because I want to eventually visit/work in Japan. I'm starting as a complete beginner; I know 'wa' denotes the subject of a sentence, I know how to recognize the vowels in hirigana and the correct stroke order to draw them, and I know a few words. Hopefully, I'll learn. =)

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Re: Introducing....

Post by phreadom » Wed 05.04.2011 4:04 am

Welcome to TJP Aino-san! You're off to a great start! :wave:

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Re: Introducing....

Post by takiras » Wed 05.04.2011 6:07 pm


Welcome to TJP ^^ seems like you have grasped a lot already :) since you already know Latin, you can think of noun particles as somewhat like case endings ('ga' nominative, 'wo' accusative, 'no' genitive, 'ni'/'he' dative, 'kara' (from)/'to'/'de'(with) or 'ni' (by) as ablative), except they're not part of the word.

Good luck! :D

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