Where to buy Japanese graphic design posters?

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Where to buy Japanese graphic design posters?

Post by Kailene » Wed 05.18.2011 1:50 pm

So I'm going to be working at a Japanese language camp this summer and was asked to bring Japanese posters to decorate my cabin. I'm not into anime, and only semi-interested in Japanese celebrities. I do, however, really love Japanese graphic design. Thus, I'm wondering if anybody has any ideas where I could get some Japanese graphic design posters online. I've done some preliminary searches, but have come up empty handed. Preferably, I'd like to buy from one site so I could combine shipping.

Any suggestions?



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Re: Where to buy Japanese graphic design posters?

Post by SakeIt2Me » Fri 05.27.2011 11:14 am

Sorry I don't have suggestions for you, but I am extremely interested in what is out there as well, due to this company:
http://www.google.ca/search?q=%22the+de ... 24&bih=619
or, http://www.pho-ku.com/

Those are designs by The Designers Republic, which was a British company that revolutionized architectural design. They had an outlet in downtown Tokyo at the height of their power, and much of their work incorporates Japanese pop-art styling and typography. I own four tDR posters that Dai Sato worked on with them. Three of them have katakana-like typography which I am still trying to decipher due to their graphic design strangeness...

Unfortunately tDR posters are very hard to find (eBay is the only option), otherwise I'd recommend that you dig them up! Some of them are "half-Japanese" graphic design posters!

I'm excited to see if you find something remarkable!

EDIT: You can buy Tanaka Ikko posters online here!!!
http://www.internationalposter.com/sear ... ords=japan I just found this site so obviously can't vouch for how good it is or not.
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