translating a complex sentence

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translating a complex sentence

Post by Hektor6766 » Fri 06.03.2011 12:39 am

I'm wondering how accurate my translation of this sentence is.


Prime Minister Kan declared his definite intention of commencing a retirement by steps phased to coping with the earthquake disaster, but the problem of the allusion to that specific period of time stretching to the beginning of the year has created chaos.

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Re: translating a complex sentence

Post by Hyperworm » Fri 06.03.2011 8:57 am

"Prime Minister Kan announced he is considering resigning once(=at the stage/step where) the response to the great earthquake disaster 「一定のめどがついた」, but there is widespread confusion over (the issue/problem of) his comment that a concrete timeframe for this may not come until the start of next year."

一定のめどがついた has two meanings/translations that I can see.
1. [A definite めど]がついた : "a definite end is in sight" (to the response to the ...)
2. [A stable めど]がついた : (the response to the ...) "looks to be stabilizing" / "shows a stable outlook"

It's hard to tell exactly which is meant here (2?).
(Native speaker comments appreciated :D)
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