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Bonjour Bonjour

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Bonjour Bonjour

Postby ioukta » Mon 06.06.2011 11:56 am


I'm ioukta, I'm 30 living in France for now.
I studied japanese in the equivalent of 7th grade around 11 when my mom had to find an excuse to send me to her old junior high/high school in Paris because it was not the one assigned to our neighborhood lol The only thing they had that others didn't was japanese or tennis or ballet... I went with japanese lol then i moved and forgot about japanese until a year or 2 ago when i discovered japanese dramas and realised i still had a smidge left of what i learned that year.
Im a person that hates half-understanding so i decided to learn again on my own. Im an impulsive buyer so i have a ton of books and tools lol I learned kanas pretty fast with pictokana, i really recommend it.
Unfortunately due to a full time job and a long distance fiance it's hard to find the time. But my goal is to understand my otome games lol
Yosh !!
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Re: Bonjour Bonjour

Postby chikara » Tue 06.07.2011 1:36 am

TJPへようこそ :wave:
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