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Post by Yaizon » Fri 07.01.2011 2:35 pm

Hello! I am an 18 years "old" guy from Sweden that has been interested about the japanese culture for the past 5 years after my older brother started to show me anime! haha

Since I haven't had any chance to study japanese at school I haven't had any opportunity learn anything about it, also it's extremely rare of japanese stuff in my city so that doesn't help at all!

The biggest reason I want to learn japanese is that for many years I've always wanted to travel to Japan and many other countries since I've never been outside Sweden and now when I'm getting older and hopefully get a job soon I wish to travel to Japan and have somewhat of an understanding!

Seems like a really nice website with alot and fast helping for us beginners!

Think that's it what I can say for the now.
Best regards, Yaizon

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Re: Hello!

Post by micahcowan » Fri 07.01.2011 2:46 pm

Welcome to TJP!

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Re: Hello!

Post by phreadom » Fri 07.01.2011 2:53 pm

TJPへようこそ! (Welcome to TJP!) :wave:

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