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View topic - Trying to translate another made-up name: "Mayolis"?

Trying to translate another made-up name: "Mayolis"?

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Trying to translate another made-up name: "Mayolis"?

Postby Kisai » Tue 08.02.2011 7:09 am

Now, it'd be pronounced... probably how you'd guess. "May - o - lis". You know with "lis" sounding like "list".

Now clearly, there's a good character for "may", which is め or メ if I have to use katana. By the way, with made up names, I assume it's strictly katakana? And considering the pronunciation, would it go right into オ or ヨ? I assume ヨ, but I can't be too sure. But the thing that stumps me the most, that I have no clue about... Is the ending. Would that last syllable have more of an "eh" sound? And what character would I use for the "S" sound at the end? ス?

What I've guessed is that "Mayolis" would end up being spelled like 「メオレス」, but, like I said, probably wrong. ^_^; I REALLY need to read up on this more...
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Re: Trying to translate another made-up name: "Mayolis"?

Postby LordOfTheFlies » Tue 08.02.2011 10:39 am

You've probably noticed that all kana in Japanese except for one ends with a vowel. So as long as a word doesn't end with an n you're bound to have a vowel at the end. Foreign names are always written in katakana in Japanese, so you're right so far. But the problem now is how you're supposed to transliterate the pronunciation. I don't know how "Mayolis" is supposed to be pronounced, but I'm guessing it's the "mayo" in mayonnaise and the "lis" in "lis(t)". If so I'd recommend the spelling メーヨリス. The hyphen-looking thing is used to stretch vowel sounds, and it would be equivalent of putting two of the same vowel in a row, ie めえよりす. Alternatively you could go for メイオリス, which might fit better. It's hard to properly transliterate names in Japanese though due to the fact that the pronunciation is bound by syllables.

Your assumption to put ス at the end was very much correct though.
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Re: Trying to translate another made-up name: "Mayolis"?

Postby micahcowan » Wed 08.03.2011 12:43 am

LordOfTheFlies wrote:Alternatively you could go for メイオリス, which might fit better.

I like that one best, because it more or less preserves the syllables best (much like the reason why my last name is written カウアン rather than カワン). But of course a lot depends on the inflection of the word.
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