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Postby s0nicfreak » Wed 08.03.2011 2:44 pm


For a long time I have known enough Japanese to play some video games that are light on text or get around in Japan. But I would like to get to the point where I can actually read a book or have a conversation about something more in-depth than the weather. どうぞよろしく!
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Re: はじゅめまして!

Postby micahcowan » Wed 08.03.2011 5:46 pm

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Re: はじゅめまして!

Postby LordOfTheFlies » Thu 08.04.2011 1:07 pm


Welcome to TJP. Enjoy your stay and make yourself at home :)

I actually learned a lot of my Japanese through playing video games so I can relate a lot to that. We usually have a chat up and running for the TJP community but it's going through a transition to a new chat system now so it's down at the moment. But it'll be up soon again so keep an eye out for it. The chat can be quiet at times but there's usually at least one or two people there. We usually talk about, well, anything really, in either Japanese or English.
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