Job searching - TEFL being considered

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Job searching - TEFL being considered

Post by Sivak » Mon 08.08.2011 11:17 am

Hey all.

I've been trying to apply for some English teaching jobs as a lot of them don't require anything beyond a bachelor's degree, but at the same time, they say TEFL/TESOL is preferred.

A while ago, I did make the group interview with AEON, but didn't go beyond that. Since then, I haven't been able to get anyone to respond to my applications, so I am considering trying out getting TEFL. I just wonder if there is any place better than another for getting this certification.

I have seen which seems to be OK. There's one certification program as cheap as $150.

If anyone had any recommendations, I'll take a look. Thanks.

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Re: Job searching - TEFL being considered

Post by ryuubu » Sun 08.21.2011 11:05 am

Try Berlitz before getting that certification. What area of Japan are you in?

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