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"To Fly away" Kanji

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"To Fly away" Kanji

Postby Urika-chan » Sun 08.07.2011 9:10 pm

Ok so I've been wanting to get a kanji tattoo for a long time since learning japanese is something which means alot to me... I've been thinking about getting a meaningful tattoo and since I want to be a pilot after i graduate! I want a tattoo which says "to fly away" or "to be able to fly away" or something beautiful and poetic about flying in the sky?... I would prefer kanji if possible... any suggestions? :) but nothing about "bird" since i dislike the look of that kanji symbol xD

Or any old japanese saying about flying?... if possible, the shorter the better :/ (since its going on the back of my neck)
I know "to fly" is 飛 but it look boring on its own... please help :)
Little confession >.< ...most of the japanese I know, I've picked up from anime ^__^" I have now in the last half a year been trying to learn japanese properly not doing to well though xD Gomen

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Re: "To Fly away" Kanji

Postby AJBryant » Wed 08.10.2011 11:04 am

Well, good luck with the career, but....

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Re: "To Fly away" Kanji

Postby Retsubty » Thu 08.18.2011 5:58 pm

maybe 飛び立つ is the word you want? or 空へ?
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