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Postby J.J. Perec » Sat 08.13.2011 11:01 pm

Hey, people...

I've been learning Japanese about a month now, trying to do at least an hour every day. Very much a beginner but I'm picking up phrases when I watch Japanese films/tv, and can talk a little about myself/interests/what I did today etc. It feels good already just to be able to read the hiragana/katakana when I'm watching Japanese TV (I basically only know the numbers/days in kanji so far) and already just looking around this site there seems to be floods of useful information/tips. I'm using textbooks, but wearilly; I try and break it down into its plainest form first... also trying to transcribe/translate what I pick up from shows, and (as I'd want to be able to write in Japanese as a long term goal) using bi-lingual books I've picked up.

Happy learning...
J.J. Perec
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Re: こんにちは

Postby micahcowan » Wed 08.17.2011 2:19 pm

Hi J.J., and welcome!
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Re: こんにちは

Postby NikonGirl » Thu 08.18.2011 4:34 pm

Welcome! :D
Please help me by correcting my errors :)
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