Japanese-English Translation!

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Japanese-English Translation!

Post by AmgedIsmail » Tue 08.30.2011 9:55 am

What is the best way to translate Japanese into English?
I don't think Google Translation is helpful at all and doesn't translate in the right meaning.

Here take a look at this picture taken from a game...
I extracted the text from the picture, so can you please check if my letters are of the same in the picture.

キミこそ ユダヤのよげんにある
まかいから あくまを よびだし

The Google Translation was:-
In fact what I have Jewish Kimi
Call or write the devil from

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Re: Japanese-English Translation!

Post by richvh » Tue 08.30.2011 4:07 pm

The best way is to learn the grammar and apply your own common sense. Machine translation falls on its face when applied to a high-context language like Japanese.

I'd render that something along the lines of:
For sure it will be you who will call forth the devil from hell, as predicted by the Jews.

(Can't check your transcription as the image didn't get linked.)
Richard VanHouten

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Re: Japanese-English Translation!

Post by BlackCitadel » Wed 10.19.2011 8:17 am

Currently I have learned the following...
The Sentence word order: Subject wa Object wo Adverbs of Time Adverb of Place Verb (Comes at the end)

I studied some particles like dake, made, made ni...
I studied the Verb Conjugation, almost everything related to the verbs, but didn't study the receiving and giving verbs....

What else in Japanese Grammar needs to be studied?
What do you recommend me to study in order to be able to translate myself?


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