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Postby mella » Mon 09.05.2011 6:54 am

You were only wrong.
どそりゃ I don't understand this word.
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Re: どそりゃ

Postby Hyperworm » Mon 09.05.2011 7:58 am

Parsing error! :D
(So often this is the problem...)

だけど(however) + そりゃ(=それは)

だけど is だ(=です) + けど. See also だが. Basically means the same thing as しかし. :)
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Re: どそりゃ

Postby micahcowan » Tue 09.06.2011 2:10 pm

So, given what Hyperworm has pointed out, a better translation (without knowing anything further about the context) might be, "But that's a mistake." だけど but; そりゃ that; 間違い a mistake; だ is/(copula). Other translations are possible, but "You were only wrong" is not one of the possibilities.
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