Verb Practice Websites?

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Verb Practice Websites?

Post by themonk » Mon 09.05.2011 3:14 pm

Anyone knows a good website for verb conjugation drills? Thank you for any recommendations.

Thank you to @squarezebra san.
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Re: Verb Practice Websites?

Post by squarezebra » Tue 09.06.2011 3:44 pm

I can't speak for anyone else, but I have no idea what you're asking for...

Can you be a bit more specific please?
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Re: Verb Practice Websites?

Post by fuonk » Tue 09.13.2011 9:57 pm

My guess is that themonk-san is asking for a website which does something like the following.

It presents the user with the dictionary form of a verb and the description of an inflection-- for example, polite negative past-- and asks the user to type in that inflection of the verb whose dictionary form was given. For example, if the prompts were 言う and "past passive," the user would be expected to type in 言われた.

There might be variations in such a drill, such as whether the prompts were dictionary forms of Japanese verbs, or English verbs commonly translated by the desired verb; and whether the inflections were described as above, or by giving supposedly equivalent inflections of English verbs (a bad idea, in my opinion).

I don't know of any such websites offhand, but the program zkanji, which I mentioned in another thread, can be used for this sort of practice. If you type an inflected verb into the dictionary of zkanji, it will tell you what possible dictionary forms it could be an inflection of, and which inflection it is for each of those dictionary forms. For example, if you type in  いった , it will list the verbs 言う、行く、入る and 要る (as well as several less common ones, and for each of those verbs, it will tell you that what you typed, いった , is the past tense. If you type in something which is completely wrong, it simply won't find any dictionary forms. Hence you can use this feature to practice inflecting verbs yourself.

zkanji runs only under Windows. It can be downloaded at .

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