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みなさん、こんにちは Hello everyone

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みなさん、こんにちは Hello everyone

Postby omariskewl » Mon 09.12.2011 2:10 pm

Hello ,
My name is Omar Martinez and I live in the U.S.I am a Junior in high school and i have 2.5 hours in between classes so i study here and at home. I am new to the Japanese language, i started learning it about 3 weeks ago and i already got all the Hiragana down and I am currently working on
the Katakana. I have no idea how im going to learn a lot of the Kanji tho >.<
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Re: みなさん、こんにちは Hello everyone

Postby micahcowan » Tue 09.13.2011 4:19 pm

Hi, Omar, and welcome to TJP!

WRT learning kanji: t's a highly divisive/controversial book, but for my part, I have to recommend Heisig's Remembering the Kanji. I have a review of it up here, which also covers many caveats and shortcomings of the book, and why many people dislike the book. However, my belief is that the benefits far outweigh the cons (at least until someone else comes along to do the same thing better). This book covers 2-3 thousand characters (but only teaches how to write/recognize the characters themselves, and associates them to an English keyword that roughly corresponds to a meaning - see my review for why I think this is useful).

For perhaps a gentler introduction, covering all the kana (and especially, starting with the katakana, and teaching it in a way that I find extremely easy for learning), and also covering a couple hundred kanji or so, is Jorden's Reading Japanese, which is available in full on Google Books.
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