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Postby LaughingMan » Fri 12.23.2005 2:23 am

Hello, everyone. From what you can gather, it goes without saying that I am new here. If LaughingMan is too tedious of a name to call me by, you may abridge it however you want; or just call me by my real name, Sean. I'm fifteen years old and from the United States. I've actually been wandering around here for a while, but it wasn't until now that I decided to register. I have to thank everyone on this site who are helping us 'students' to learn this wonderful language. This place has really been an invaluable resource in our language-learning journey.

I've been studying self-studying Japanese for a while, but as it stands, I probably have the Japanese language skill of a common Japanese housefly. Haha. My main motivation for learning this language actually came from the fact that I am an avid anime and manga fan. However, once I experienced exactly how the language is, I began to love the it and all of its complexities. It's very different from English, but it's very logical, perhaps even more so than English - except for the writing, which I find very complicated and sometimes redundant with the use of three 'alphabets. The grammar is something that I have not experienced before, and the fact that it all makes sense and does come together is very interesting. Unlike some other languages, such as French, which I am taking at my high school, I am a lot more motivated to learn this one, despite its remarkable difficulty in learning compared to a language like French, where the sentence structure, although slightly different, is similar in many ways. Actually, in that respect, I think Japanese is easier to learn, to some extent, since the material sticks with me because I want to learn the language out of my own will - and not to get credits to pass school.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope to learn more and to teach what little I am able to whoever has trouble.

Until next time.
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RE: はじめまして、どうぞよろしく

Postby L33TNINJA » Fri 12.23.2005 2:43 am


Japanese is so much more interesting and complex than western languages, huh. Heh. I wandered around this site for 6 months before joining, like you! We must be cousins.
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RE: はじめまして、どうぞよろしく

Postby CajunCoder » Sat 12.24.2005 2:55 am

Welcome to the forums!

Heh, you described me very well. Though I've always been intruiged by japanese, my recently getting into anime is what inspired me to learn it. I'd thought about learning it before that, but I deemed it far too different and complex. Then I just decided to give it a try, and I've come to love how complex and different it is.
Something about languages fascinates me. Its not just a form of communication, but different cultures and ways of thinking. Japanese is by far the most different language I've come across, and the most logical at that. Granted - I really don't know much about other languages, japanese included.

I'm also studying on my own, and have been doing so for a little over 4 months. Its pretty hard, since you have to teach yourself basically... But I find I learn better this way, because I can study in my own way, in my own time, and of my own will. I learn much better that way.

How long have you been studying?
If you have any messengers and would like to chat, you can add me on MSN/YIM(lukedupont@yahoo.com) or AIM(CajunCoder87).

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RE: はじめまして、どうぞよろしく

Postby n3ko x3r4h » Sat 12.24.2005 3:56 pm

Yes. To me, Japanese is the hardest language I've come across. But very interesting. I've only been studying a few bits of it here and there for about a month. So I'm not that advanced...yet. But, since I came here, I'm sure I will do very well and learn quickly.

O. Welcome to the site!!
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