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Japanese rock.

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Re: Japanese rock.

Postby burstandbloom » Thu 04.16.2009 7:35 am

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Re: Japanese rock.

Postby TheYellowMonkey » Sun 04.19.2009 4:22 am

The Yellow Monkey !! go check them out !!
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Re: Japanese rock.

Postby bladrcntrl » Mon 07.06.2009 6:36 am

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Re: Japanese rock.

Postby RayMasaki » Thu 07.16.2009 5:11 am

I suggest Loudness and EZO
showya - Yokohama.
Loudness are ledgends
and EZO were doing "visual" stuff before
alot of those other bands.
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Re: Japanese rock.

Postby taiyouka » Wed 06.23.2010 2:35 pm

I like J-rock. My favorites are Alice Nine, SuG, Dir en Grey, Miyavi, The Gazette (a few songs) :)
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Re: Japanese rock.

Postby SakeIt2Me » Wed 07.14.2010 11:54 pm

Number Girl, Tokyo Jihen (Incidents), BORIS

the pillows ruled when they were more rock than pop, perhaps they've gone soft with age (comparatively).
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Re: Japanese rock.

Postby EllaPress » Sun 12.05.2010 2:46 pm

I'm gonna check some of these bands out. I don't really like JPop... Thanks for all the recs! :D
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Re: Japanese rock.

Postby Shredder2 » Sun 05.29.2011 10:27 pm

So far, I've only been jammin' out to Asian Kung-Fu Generation, since that I've just recently been introduced to JRock.

Anything else besides JRock, I will not say, because 95% of the bands I like aren't Japanese!
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Re: Japanese rock.

Postby Kaitomintochi » Sun 07.10.2011 7:30 am

After reading these I think it is important to see that japanese rock is also in itself diversified :D so perhaps JROCk sometimes is not of a defining term sometimes different genre than just rock similar to USA genre of music. i think in example would be soft rock, alternative, heavy metal, hardcore etc. however i enjoy all types :)
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Re: Japanese rock.

Postby Tarrynpaige » Tue 08.23.2011 9:04 am

check out miyavi, sexiest man alive, i swear. start with 'selfish love'. i think you'l love him 8)
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Re: Japanese rock.

Postby Mikkabozu » Mon 10.10.2011 1:19 pm

I like the Number Girl suggestions. Very dark and hard. If you like them, also check out their (brainchild's) more recent project, Zazen Boys.

For something more punk-inspired, I would suggest the Garlic Boys. Don't know if they're still around, but they have a few really good albums.
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Re: Japanese rock.

Postby Brooklyn » Wed 08.01.2012 2:22 am

Oh yeah a topic on J-Rock ! Let's add some link and artists.

One group that I discovered few time ago : Light Bringer. Here are some songs :
- 今にも落ちてきそうな空の下で ;
- Noah ;

Then comes A(エース) with :
- Black Butterfly ;
- Night of the Knights ;

Now it's important to don't omit older groups like :
- Maximum the Hormone : Buiikikaesu ;
- MoNoLith : 3月2日、桜色 ;
- Girügamesh : Break Down ;
- Exist † Trace : Resonance ;
- DaizyStripper : 月に銃声 ;
- The GazettE : The Invisible Wall ;

And there are a lot of groups ; what's cool is that when you see a video, on the other proposed you've an huge choice. Personally my favorites are Maximum the Hormone, MoNoLith, DaizyStripper and A (エース).

And the girl on my avatar is Miko, one of the guitarists from Exist Trace. ^^
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Re: Japanese rock.

Postby GazeRockSnob » Tue 09.18.2012 6:41 pm

Haha, my fave band is the GazettE but I love their heavier songs like Headache Man and Clever Monkey :3

You should check out Mejibray
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

And I love Existtrace, MTH and Light Bringer!

Girugamesh's new single Zantetsuken was freaking amazing!
GazettE is my life! :3
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