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Post by sivvyx01 » Mon 10.10.2011 12:32 pm

Hello All,

I am an Australian woman wanting to learn Japanese...I am planning on going back to Japan next year to teach English, as I have a Masters in TESOL.

Nice to meet you all!

sivvy. :)

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Re: Hello!

Post by micahcowan » Mon 10.10.2011 2:18 pm

Welcome to TJP!

There is a school of thought (especially in Japan, or so I'm told?) that the less Japanese you know, the better (for teaching English). I don't agree with this school of thought, though: the more you know of both languages, the easier it can be for you to see problem areas that Japanese students may study with, that you might not even realize are difficult for Japanese learners of the English language (indefinite versus definite articles ("a" vs "the") being an obvious example).

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Re: Hello!

Post by chikara » Tue 10.11.2011 7:49 pm

TJPへようこそ  :wave:
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