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Postby RaeFlewyn » Wed 10.12.2011 9:25 am

はじめました。Raewyn です。よろしくおねがいします! :bow:

Just a couple weeks ago I traveled out of my country for the first time and got to spend 2 weeks in 日本. I missed it before I had even taken off on my way home, and can't wait for the opportunity to return for a longer visit!

I only know the basics of Japanese so far, grammar something I have yet to grasp in English let alone 日本語... and so I pretty much can't form a sentence. I only know a few kanji and many of them only as one reading or only as an English translation.
Hiragana I have no problem with, but I still trip on a few katakana.

In the end, what I need most are two things: confidence to SAY things and help to practice it correctly!

But to wrap this up for now: I was born at the end of 1986 and live in Alberta, Canada. Currently, it's 7:00 am. I haven't been to bed yet, due to night work messing up my sleep schedule, so I shouldn't be on here! :sweatdrop:

And so- おやすみなさい!
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Re: おはようございます!

Postby phreadom » Wed 10.12.2011 10:47 am

Raewynさん、TJPへようこそ! :wave:

It was nice to get to chat with you for a moment earlier. :) I look forward to next time! :bow:
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Re: おはようございます!

Postby micahcowan » Wed 10.12.2011 2:30 pm

Welcome to TJP!

RaeFlewyn wrote:grammar something I have yet to grasp in English let alone 日本語... and so I pretty much can't form a sentence.

Well, it doesn't seem to have stopped you from being able to form a sentence in English, so it shouldn't stop you from it in Japanese. :)

Japanese grammar is much, much simpler and more consistent than English grammar. It is, however, somewhat different from English, which can cause a few problems (especially the Japanese concept expressed by the particle は, which is really completely foreign to an English mindset). IMO, the difficulty in learning proper Japanese isn't the grammar, it's knowing which sets of vocabulary to use when, depending on who is speaking to whom. The grammar's all fundamentally the same, but the word forms can change drastically depending on the situation.

And of course, much more difficult than any of that is the writing system. :)

Welcome, and good luck!
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