10,000 Free Round-Trip Tickets to Japan (四月始?)

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10,000 Free Round-Trip Tickets to Japan (四月始?)

Post by micahcowan » Wed 10.12.2011 8:10 pm

http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/lifestyle/2 ... -to-japan/

Looks like they're hoping to kick this thing off in April. Write an article on their blog to explain what you plan to do, and what you plan to get out of your trip, and you could get free airfare. I'm definitely in for this. :)

The problem is, there are no links to authoritative sites of any kind. Anyone know where I should look to keep tabs on this new information? I don't even know what the Japanese name for the "Travel Agency" would be, which would seem like a good place to start...

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Re: 10,000 Free Round-Trip Tickets to Japan (四月始?)

Post by Shiroisan » Thu 10.13.2011 7:25 pm

It's the "Japanese Tourism Agency"

I'll do it if it's approved for students, but I'm not sure if I'd be elligible since I'm not a "tourist".
They haven't had an official announcement yet. They have mentioned it in the past though.

Basically these guys:


are waiting for these guys


To get the ball rolling.

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