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Postby Rivonu » Sat 10.15.2011 3:11 pm

Hello everyone I'm new here......well not really new since I have came to this site 5 years ago but never bothered to sign up to this site till now. But anyways, I have been learning Japanese off and on for about 2 years. Then 3 years ago I just gave up learning Japanese altogether. Now I regret not being diligent enough and giving up so soon but hey it's not to late right? :mrgreen: So this time I'll be more dedicated in my quest to learn Japanese! ^^/
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Re: 始めまして!

Postby phreadom » Sun 10.16.2011 2:39 am

Welcome back! :wave:

I started learning Japanese back in like 1993 and then walked away from it for about 12 years before coming back in around 2005. ;) Never too late to pick it back up! :mrgreen:
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