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help me identify this kanji

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help me identify this kanji

Postby mirnkaya » Sat 10.22.2011 1:07 pm

It might be the blurry graphics (it's taken from a game screen) or me being novice but in spite of all my efforts including electronic dictionaries I could not identify this Kanji (see attached image - I am referring to the leftmost one). Please help...


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Re: help me identify this kanji

Postby Mystique » Sat 10.22.2011 5:39 pm

The original form is this...

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Re: help me identify this kanji

Postby Muchadou » Sun 10.23.2011 3:24 am

奥深い okufukai or okubukai meaning deep or profound

奥 translation = heart, interior
Kunyomi = おく oku, くま kuma
Onyomi = オウ ou, オク oku

Example: 彼らはレストランの奥の方に座った。
Karera ha resutoran no oku no hou ni suwatta.
The group was seated in the back of the restaurant.

Common compounds
奥さん okusan - wife, your wife, his wife, married lady, madam
奥歯 okuba - molars, back teeth

Hope this helps! :) Mxx
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