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iPhone app has a bug I think

Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?

iPhone app has a bug I think

Postby StudyingFrenzy » Sun 10.30.2011 7:24 am

Hello TJP,

The iPhone app, Japanese Phrases contains a bug, or something. Since the progress bar goes to a negative value, when you click on familiar more than once. It keeps switching to 0% and when pressed familiar again, it goes to -3%

Attached is the screenshot.

Screenshot, iPhone app.
screenshot.png (124.98 KiB) Viewed 3357 times

Kind Regards,

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Re: iPhone app has a bug I think

Postby clay » Mon 10.31.2011 7:07 am

Sorry for replying so late! I was out of town much of yesterday.

Do you have the latest version? (double check to see if you don't have an update in the app store app) I thought we had fixed this with the last update. However, I wouldn't be surprised if it is still there somehow.

I wasn't able to replicate that error with my copy, but I found something else that I need to have my developer fix. So, if there is still a problem with the stat bar, I'd like to get that fixed with the next update. If you have the latest version, could you email me directly? Try clay AT the Japan Shop.com (without the spaces).

Sorry for the trouble! We'll figure this out ASAP.

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