Hi,♡ Can't wait to get started!

New members may introduce themselves in this forum
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Hi,♡ Can't wait to get started!

Post by lisa♡ » Tue 12.20.2011 2:37 am

Hello everybody! It's nice to meet everyone, I'm just getting started on this site but I already know a tiny bit of Japanese and hiragana and katakana but I have no one to practice with (T-T)
so if you want someone to practice your Japanese with just message me! ^^

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Re: Hi,♡ Can't wait to get started!

Post by Ongakuka » Tue 12.20.2011 2:05 pm

Hello Lisa and welcome to TJP :wave:

Your enthusiasm is much appreciated by everyone! :pray:

I'm not new to Japanese but I'm happy to dish out hiragana sentences to you or whatever you'd like to practice. Or if you'd rather find someone who is also just starting, whichever, you can find us usually in TJP's chat

:bow: Happy Studying

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