Hello! Looking for someone to practice with

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Hello! Looking for someone to practice with

Post by rosegoddess9 » Fri 12.23.2011 1:21 am

Hello! I'm a second year student in Japanese at college. I have been getting decent grades so far but I really want to become more competent and fluent in the language. I want to major in Asian Languages and Literature but I know my Japanese needs a lot of work in order for me to do well past second year. I also plan on studying abroad in Tokyo in Spring 2013 and I want to be able to communicate effectively.
I am looking for someone who is fluent or at least really good or a lot better than me at Japanese who can help me practice and improve my language skills. I mostly need help in forming sentences and using the correct particles but if possible I would eventually like to work on speaking and listening so I can work on talking speed as well.
I am currently on winter break but next semester we start Lesson 18 of Genki vol. 2 to give you an idea of what I have learned currently.

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Re: Hello! Looking for someone to practice with

Post by LordOfTheFlies » Fri 12.23.2011 3:25 am

Hi there and welcome to TJP. If you want to practice written Japanese you could always swing by the chat and talk to us when you feel like it. We don't do a lot of actual speaking or so to say, but it wouldn't be impossible to get on Skype to talk if someone would be up for it. Good luck with your Japanese studies. My best tip is that you spend a lot of your free time getting exposed to Japanese in any form but learning materials, as it will help you more than you can even imagine.

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