What made you choose japanese?

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Re: What made you choose japanese?

Post by furrykef » Tue 12.27.2011 12:25 pm

Shiroisan wrote:I don't think "ために" could ever be used as a "to"; Isn't it to say what something is "for" in English?
She is saving money to go on a trip.
Shiroisan wrote:Doesn't [verb]こと just change the verb into a noun? What does that have to do with "to"
I like to dance.
Shiroisan wrote:"には" is just に again; は is just marking the subject as per usual, right?
Don't conflate topics and subjects. Such conflation is why people get confused about the difference between は and が. ;)

には is sometimes used in ways that plain に is not.

It is important to me.
Shiroisan wrote:I suppose へ is optional flare, but I don't remember there ever being a case where you'd have to use it instead of に, do you?
Maybe in [place]へようこそ. I rarely if ever come across that construction with に. Sometimes the nuance is also different with へ in place of に.
Shiroisan wrote:にとって Might be valid, but I haven't come across it in my studies yet though so I don't know what it means :sweatdrop:
It's sometimes synonymous with には. I think my example with には would work with にとって too.

Are they different meanings of "to"? Sure. But then, "for, to, as, from, at, on, in, etc." are different meanings of に, so I think the comparison is perfectly fair.
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Re: What made you choose japanese?

Post by Shiroisan » Tue 12.27.2011 8:44 pm

I think things might start to get a little too abstract if I attempt to argue the case further- but I'll admit that you're at least able to make a case for bountiful linking words furry :P

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